Sunday, July 01, 2007

Unplug Your Kids: Moroccan Mint Tea

Unplug Your Kids: Moroccan Mint Tea - "Sweet" (Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt): "My free-association with the word sweet first brought to mind my children. But since they are only sweet some of the time, I went with choice number two, which is always sweet: Moroccan Mint Tea.

If you have never had it, I can tell you that it is very minty and so sweet as to be almost syrupy. Yum!

It is traditionally served in a pretty, colorfully painted glass and is always offered to guests as a symbol of welcome.

Here is my rather more eclectic version made in a Japanese cast iron teapot with mint from my Arizona garden and served in a Swedish Ikea glass. But the tea still tasted very good, and very sweet!

Recipe (I can't vouch for its authenticity, but it tastes pretty much like I remember it):

2 tsp. green tea leaves
1 bunch spearmint leaves
4 - 6 tsp sugar (I use 6)

Place tea leaves in pot. Warm teapot by quickly rinsing tea with some boiling water then drain off water right away (use strainer to catch tea and return to pot if no strainer in pot). Add mint leaves to the tea in pot. Pour in enough boiling water for two small glasses. Add sugar to taste. It should be very sweet. Pour into glass, return to pot and repeat a couple of times. Drink hot."


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  1. Thanks for the link! I hope people enjoy this.

    This is quite a resource you have compiled here! I shall have to investigate and try some of these.


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