Thursday, May 13, 2010

Two Baking Tips

From America's Test Kitchen e-mail:

• A few simple baking techniques are the key to Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies; browning the butter contributes a nutty flavor, while using more brown sugar than white enhances chewiness; letting the batter rest before baking gives the sugar a chance to dissolve, which in turn allows it to caramelize more easily and help form crispy edges.

So what was in our apple pie that we weren't putting in our blueberry pie? Apples! Apples are high in pectin, which is a natural thickener. By substituting most of the tapioca with one peeled, grated apple, we achieved the texture we were after and, just as important, did it without the apple’s getting in the way of the blueberries' flavor.

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All recipes are on Petitchef


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